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Daily Schedule

Morrow Early Learning Center offers activities which stimulate language, physical, social-emotional, and cognitive growth, as part of our daily developmental curriculum.  We strive to enhance skills such as motor ability, problem solving, creative expression, cognition and positive social interaction.  Children work and play hard, so daily rest periods are scheduled.  Mats or cots and sheets are provided by the center.  An outdoor activity time is planned for each age group. For more information please see the daily schedules for each class, posted outside the classroom.

Developmental Screenings

After parental consent is granted, Morrow Early Learning Center staff can assist parents by referring children for developmental screenings.  Parent's are a necessary partner in this effort, sscreening outcomes and information are always shared with parents. If concerns are noted during the screening or if parents have concerns further testing and/or evaluations may be needed. Parents will be asked to give consent for any additional testing as well; and, of course, parents are invited to be a part of this process as well.

Special Services

As an added service, Morrow Early Learning Center will offer on sight developmental evaluations and services through partner agencies.  Upon enrollment for child education services, parents can complete an authorization form to allow assessments in the classroom.  You will be informed of other evaluations, such as speech/ language and ooccupational therapy, and requested to sign an authorization form as needed.  Children identified with special needs are eligible to receive services.  If you have concerns about your child’s development please speak with your child’s teacher or the center’s Director. 

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 Enrichment Activities
Ages 3 to 12 years old​​

School Age Programs

+ Intro to Spanish

+ Intro to Sign Language
+ Cultural Enrichment
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Science Exploration
+ Play & Sports


+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing /Journalism
+On-site Pets
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Anti-bullying Initiatives
+ Special Talents programs/ showcases




All NEW families must complete all admission forms and provide the required paperwork prior to the first day of attendance.  

      • Children accepted are ages 4 weeks to 12 years old

      • Immunization Records for your child (GA Form 3231)

      • Photo Identification for yourself

      • Have an open mind to the various teachings methods that we use with your child and participate in the parent meetings, handbook revisions, and committees.

      • Provide an valid e-mail address for teacher- parent and center communications

      • Your child(ren) receive required medical and dental care as outlined by Bright from the Start  guidelines, including a physical exam/well baby check; Eye, Ear, and Dental screens/exams; and immunizations.

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