Morrow Early Learning Center is a full-day developmentally appropriate early care and education program. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) and abide by all state licensing guidelines.  


Parents are an important part of Morrow Early Learning Center.  Our hope is to establish a partnership with the parents of Morrow Early Learning Center students to ensure that we provide the best possible learning environment for your child or children.


Emergency plans are developed specifically for Morrow Early Learning Center and are posted throughout the center as well as the parent board.


Morrow Early Learning Center guiding principles for your child’s learning is clearly defined in the curriculum that Morrow Early Learning Center has chosen for its program.  Morrow Early Learning Center uses the WINGS Curriculum, which embraces the belief that educating young children means providing them with ongoing opportunities for active learning.  In addition, we believe children learning strongly through the exploration of science and technology. Young children in an active, supportive learning environment develop initiative, curiosity, resourcefulness, and self confidence-tools that will serve them well throughout their lives. It is the purpose of the Morrow Early Learning Center program to provide every child they serve with the foundation they need for a good start and a bright future. In addition, we welcome all religions and cultures at Morrow Early Learning Center. We celebrate diversity by recognizing various holidays (Hanukah, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc.) with classroom activities and center decorations.

Morrow Early Learning Center staff is looking forward to working with you in partnership on behalf of your child.

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MELC is a Quality Rated program! We care about providing better care for our students!

MELC is currently hiring for several postions, inquire within! 

MELC is currently to accepting students for FREE Pre-K program, please call us for more information!


Morrow Early Learning Center will set precedence over other local centers because of our innovative methods of teaching and unique learning atmosphere. It is our vision to be a prominent leader in providing quality care for infants, preschool and school age children. We pride ourselves on enhancing children’s learning with a high emphasis on the introduction of science and technology at an early age.



Morrow Early Learning Center will provide quality early childhood education focusing on learning through science and technology.



Morrow Early Learning Center established a value system that is reflective of what we believe.  Because of these beliefs we will follow the M.E.L.C. (Morrow Early Learning Center) code of conduct model;

  • M = MAINTAIN a healthy, safe and fun learning environment for all children and parents to be empowered and successful

  • E = Uphold the highest standards of EXCELLENCE in educating our young minds

  • L = LOVE and respect each child and give positive guidance and support

  • C = Show COMPASSION in our teaching and all we do


Our Staff

We have dedicated teachers that are passionate about teaching our children. All Lead Teachers either possess a Child Development Credential or higher education and with over 10 years of experience in the teaching field. Our staff also consists of Assistant Teachers, a Facility Cook, Assistant Director, Science & Spanish Teacher, Technology Engineer and an Administrator/ Director with a Master's Degree.